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Colonoscopy Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I start drinking the preparation laxative and I become nauseated or start vomiting?

Slow down. If you’re drinking the gallon preparation (NuLytely or GoLytely) then try to drink 4 ounces every 15 to 20 minutes after waiting about 30 minutes. Try to drink as much as you can as this will improve the quality of the preparation and the quality of the examination.

What happens if I drink the preparation and get no results?

If you don’t have frequent and progressively looser bowel movements within 3 hours of taking the preparation you will likely need something else to help it to work properly. Have someone pick up two Dulcolax rectal suppositories from a pharmacy. Place one in the rectum and if this doesn’t help you can repeat this in about one hour.

Why do I have to have someone drive me home?

After your procedure is over you may be sleepy, uncomfortable, nauseated, or simply not yourself. This is the effect of the medications used for sedation and the procedure itself. Your reflexes will be slowed until the following day and you might injure yourself or others if you try to drive or operate machinery. Whenever possible you should be around someone that you know until the following day or at least until you arrive safely at home.

What happens if I forget to stop taking aspirin, anti-coagulants, or blood thinners?

It is generally recommended that you stop taking aspirin, arthritis medications, anti-coagulants, and blood thinners about 7 days before the procedure to reduce the risk of bleeding if polyps need to be removed. In most cases the procedure can still be performed if you forget to stop them. You should stop taking them as soon as you remember and call the GI office at 860-679-3238. If you are taking Coumadin (warfarin) you should call the GI endoscopy unit at 860-679-7595 as soon as you realize the error.

How will I learn the results of the test?

You will be told about the preliminary results of the test before you leave to go home. You will also be given written information about these results as it is common not to remember all of what is said soon after the procedure. If biopsies are performed or polyps removed you will be contact with the results in about one week.

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